Monday, May 6, 2013

Family Dinner & Food Revolution Day 2013: Cook It, Share It, Live It

Celebrate real food on May 17, 2013 and every day! Join the movement!

I have been a big fan of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution cause since he started the movement in 2010. This year's theme Cook it, Share it, Live it aptly sums up the enthusiasm for real food and it's a prefect metaphor for how family dinners can reinforce all the sentiments of the Read Food Revolution philosophy.

COOK IT: Real food begins at home with simple delicious and healthy home cooked meals. Did you know that convenience foods don't actually save that much time in the kitchen? According to a recent study, the time saved with convenience foods is minimal, but that "convenience" can actually undermine family dinner. Convenience food supports the notion that everyone can eat their own food whenever they feel like it, rather than having a family meal together. In short, it teaches kids and ourselves that processed food that's "our way" is better than a shared, cooked meal. Read more about it here: The Atlantic: Serving Convenience Foods for Dinner Doesn't Save Time, March 11, 2013

When you cook food for yourself and your family, you end up with healthier, fresher food, where you control the ingredients. If you are shopping and planning well, the overall price of better food is usually far less than a prepared food options.

SHARE IT: Family meals are not strictly about the food served. It is a time to talk, laugh and bond together as a family. Some research suggests that the conversations that happen around the family table are the key ingredient to a child's success at school and in life. By sharing meals, we remember to slow down and enjoy our loved ones. Food Revolution Day is a good reminder that the dinner table can create a shared community, be it with family or with friends and neighbors.

LIVE IT: The Food Revolution is not about a boring, strict regimen of food, with the idea of pushing food that's just "good for you" medicine you have to take. It is about the GOOD LIFE! Real food-- luscious, delicious, fresh and naturally nutritious-- it is the most wonderful stuff in the world and worth celebrating. Join the Food Revolution because you want to embrace the good life!

Celebrate Food Revolution Day on May 17th, 2013 with a great real food family dinner. Try some of these great recipes

Check out the Food Revolution website and Facebook page to find special events near you.

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