Press has been featured in the following articles or blog posts

Spirit Magazine Jan 2012 (the in-flight magazine of SouthWest airline), Tell Me Something, featuring benefits of family dinner. Scroll down for section: Is there a Simple Way to Keep My Family Happy and Healthy?

Modern Family Dinner  Judy Hevrdejs, Chicago Tribune, 9.28.11 (Better format of same article is here.)

Food for Thought: Fall is the Time To Commit to Family Dinner Grace R. Freedman, guest post on, 9.26.11 (National Family Day)

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner by Kim Seidel, Coulee Parenting Connection, Back to School 2011

Here and Now Reasons for Family Dinner, Grace R. Freedman, Blog for Family Dinner, 09.09.11, re-published as guest post on

Why Family Dinner, Grace R. Freedman, 06.22.11, re-published as guest post on Timi Gustafson's Food & Health.

Feel-Good Family Dinner: Myth or Reality? Grace R. Freedman, The Huffington Post, 06.02.11

Movers and Shakers: Turning the Tables on Dinnertime, profiled in The Inside Track, Prevent Obesity.Net Newsletter, 04.07.11. Named a leader and "rising star" of childhood obesity prevention movement

The Power of Family Dinner to Fight Childhood Obesity. Grace R. Freedman and Laurie David, The Huffington Post, 3.30.11

Yes, You Can Make Family Dinner: Tips for Cooking Confidence. Grace R. Freedman on Laurie David's The Family Dinner  Book, Guest Blog Post, 3.29.11

The New Family Dinner, Adriana Velez, Civil Eats, 3.10.11

Lessons from Research: Parenting Style and Family Dinner, Grace R. Freedman on Laurie David's The Family Dinner  Book, Guest Blog Post, 3.8.11

Eat Dinner! Bettina Elias Siegel, The Lunch Tray, 2.23.11

Help parents cook up connections with kids through family dinner. Tricia Offutt,, Education Daily (member access only), 01.05.11

The importance of dinner together -- not just at Thanksgiving, but everyday. Jennifer Grant, The Chicago Tribune, 11.23.10 Live Talk Transcript: Family Dinner: Talking with Laurie David about Great Ways to Connect with Your Kids, One Meal at a Time, on, 11.16.10