Thursday, October 20, 2011

Join us for a Food Day Dinner Party!

Food Day is this Monday, October 24 and it's being touted as an Earth Day for food. There are over 2,000 events planned nationwide to celebrate real food and all the interconnections of real food, the food system, family, community, personal health and a healthier environment. It's a pretty exciting concept for anyone who, like me, cares about food, family, public health or public policy. How can you get involved?

Three Easy Ways to Get Involved in Food Day
3. Join us for a virtual #FoodDay #DinnerParty! (Or make your own!)*

I happen to be doing all three and I hope you'll join me in a virtual Food Day Dinner Party. Bri of Red, Round, Green has invited Bettina of The Lunch Tray, Jeanne of The Jolly Tomato and myself to join her in a virtual progressive dinner of real food recipes to celebrate Food Day over the week from 10.24 to 10.27. Monday will be our kick off with appetizers, followed by an entree on Tuesday, sides on Wednesday and dessert on Thursday. The whole idea is to keep thinking about and celebrating real food throughout the week, and maybe even the whole year!

Come join us for our Dinner Party, starting at The Lunch Tray on Monday, 10.24. You can add your own recipe ideas or thoughts on family dinner or real food and be entered to win some fun give-aways.

You can also host your own at-home dinner party and use the Food Day Dinner Kit (pdf) to spark discussion around the family dinner table.

*If you are a food blogger and want to share a recipe or story about Food Day on your own site, please let me know. Add your name and link to the comment section below and I'll do a round-up on all the bloggers who are doing real food menus in honor of Food Day. Use the hashtags #FoodDay #DinnerParty to spread the word.

See you at the party!

Free downloads and Information on the Food Day Resources Page
Blog for Family Dinner Food Day Press Release


  1. Corky Pollan (Michaael Pollan's) Mom posted this menu on The Cooking Channel

  2. NYC Food has special Food Day recipes

  3. Love the idea of a virtual dinner party!

    France has a national Food Week (they call it Tasting Week) which inspires me to wonder:

    What if we lived in a country where every day was Food Day?

    More thoughts on food, France, and parenting at

  4. Ten Sustainable Food Recipes by Noted Chefs by Food and Wine

  5. The Lunch Tray, Appetizers:

    Red, Round, or Green, Entree:

    Dinner Together ( Joins me for Sides.

    Jolly Tomato ( will have dessert

  6. Love the idea of a virtual dinner party!


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