Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Round-up: Family Dinner Tips From Other Sites

Here's a quick round-up of family dinner tips I found from other web sites. The writers include medical doctors, social scientists, and a pediatric nurse (who is also a feng-shui specialist).
  • Make it a family priority.
  • Sit at the table, not the kitchen counter, not in front of the TV.
  • Parents signal the start and end of the meal.
  • Keep conservation easy: no lectures or nagging.
From: Linda Varone, RN, MA Psychology

  • Family meals are for connection and communication.
  • Healthy habits are easier to introduce at a family table.
From: MedicineNet.com

Tips for Teens:
  • Remember, teens are in a growth stage and need better nutrition (as well as all that sleep!)
  • Don't let them "opt out" of dinner, even if they say they have homework.
  • Set rules so the focus in on the table and talking, such as "no texting or taking cell phone calls" at dinner.
From articles about Adolescence and Family Dinner, Drs. Nuemark-Sztainer and Doherty, Univ. of Minnesota and Texting Generation Gap, NYT, 03.09.08

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