Monday, December 17, 2007

Random Thoughts on Food Blogs

When I had the idea for starting this blog, I looked around to see what else was out there. The Food Blog Blog says it lists over 2000(!) sites, so that’s a lot of people writing and reading about food!

Here's some interesting ones I've found.

Cooking With Amy Lots of recipes, writings and musings on good food. She even has some cool contests.

Dinner with Dad His tagline: Can a dad make dinner, or just a mess? Cameron Stracher decides to use family dinner as a way to reconnect with his family. Read more about his story.

Julie and Julia OK, so this is no longer a blog; it was a blog that's now a book. The author decides to attack Julia Child's classic over one year--pretty cool. We still use the family copy of Mastering the Art of French Cooking that belonged to my husband's mother. The pages have the original stains on the Beef Bourguignon recipe he remembers eating as a child. He made the recipe last night, in fact. It was a fairly idyllic family project with the older kids helping braise the onions and brown the mushrooms. Not typical, but maybe they'll want to help out with the project the next time too.

The Fanatic Cook is a little intense if you are a "casual" food person, but the site has interesting and in-depth information if you like to delve into the health, science, and politics side of food.

Deb 's Dinner at Home has read some great cookbook recommendations and has some nice stories about making dinner at home, and the balance of modernity and domesticity. She may be on hiatus.

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  1. Thanks for listing my blog! Yes, it's true I have been a bit intermittent about posting. I've been enjoying reading your blog too.


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