Tuesday, December 18, 2007

From Brooklyn with Love

Living in Brooklyn, honestly, it’s hard not to be a foodie. One of the best things about my city are all the fantastic food options within walking distance or a short subway ride. The riches range from old-time Italian butchers to farmer's markets to newer gourmet take- outs. Plus, there are specialty cheese shops, artisanal bakeries and ethnic grocery stores that offer a wide assortment of foods from all over the world. On weekends, we often take family trips to Chinatown (Manhattan's or Brooklyn's) or Brighton Beach (a Russian immigrant section in Brooklyn) to forage new foods to make into meals.

Some local food blogs I love: Edible Brooklyn, The Food Section, and The Park Slope Food Coop. (OK, I admit it. I belong to the Coop and like it, despite some well-publicized hassles, that are honestly blown-out-of-proportion.)

Though it's now hopelessly out of date, my husband and I found many delicious treats around New York with Ed Levine's New York Eats (More). Will there ever be an update? A Brooklyn edition? The task may be too insurmountable, but one can hope.

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