Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving 2007

Odds are, you are eating dinner with your family together tonight. Gathering together with your family and friends on Thanksgiving, be it a small get-together or a large extended brood, is a time-honored American tradition that is often wrapped in warm expectations. Yet, our expectations can produce widely varied actual results. The food might be terrible. The wine may fuel warm feelings or heated arguments. The whole event might feel wonderful, merely awkward, or downright oppressive at different times and with different people during the day. Yet, we still come together year after year as family for this most-celebrated holiday.

There is a reason for that. Taking the good with the bad and just sharing a meal together is an important element in family cohesiveness. It is, in fact, what it means to be connected and to be a family. It is (mostly) worth the time, effort, and hassle to do it again and again every year.

But what happens after Thanksgiving? What about next week? When do you next sit down with your family for dinner? The good news is there's a lot more bang for your buck in sitting together every night for regular family meals, than just having once in a while blow-outs. There are all the same good reasons as there are for getting together at major holidays and then some. While it may be harder to switch into a regular mealtime routine, the benefits are immediate and pretty astounding. It's important to gather around the table, for both you and your kids, everyday. It is (mostly) worth the time, effort, and hassle to do it again and again every day of the year.

In this blog, I will promote families eating dinner together. I will post practical ideas on making family dinner a reality as well as information and resources about why it’s important. I also hope to explore interesting topics on the intersection of family, food, politics, and science, while inviting comments and constructive discussion.

Set it as a Goal!
Create Enjoyable Family Time Together, Every Day around the Table.

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