Thursday, November 29, 2007

Finding Joy in the Family Meal

I’m not going to lie. There are many nights that it’s a frazzled rush to get a meal on the table. It’s after work, after homework help, after the littlest one has been bathed and put to bed (maybe), it’s pushing 8 o’clock and you wonder why make such a big deal about this eating together. Give the kids a bagel, a frozen pizza, or some french fries (which they seem to want every night) and call it a day.

Well, it is a rush, and it takes four trips back to the kitchen to remember everything. (And sometimes cross words are spoken..."Get off the computer, now!") But once we all finally get to the table, we take a deep breath and we begin. This is our time together. Almost everyday we have this time together to enjoy what we have and the company of our family. We eat, we ask “how was your day,” we pass the peas, and we have our time together. Sometimes we talk about big stuff, but usually it’s small stuff. Sometimes the kids fight over who gets the last of the juice, but they work it out. Things get spilled. And then frantically mopped up. Sometimes there are tears. More often, we laugh and enjoy each other. The kids finish first and have to be reminded to clear their plates. My husband and I linger, if we can, for a few more minutes. It is the best time of day.

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