Thursday, May 17, 2012

Join us for a Food Revolution Day Dinner Party! Our Virtual Dinner Party starts Friday May 18!

Jamie Oliver is having a huge celebration for Real Food. On May 19th, he's hosting a Global Food Revolution Day and encouraging folks to have dinner parties, send in videos, and tout all the good things about real food. The power of this movement is in your hands! We as shoppers, as parents, as eaters, as cooks, all need to take a stand to demand real food.

This past fall, a group of bloggers held a progressive virtual dinner for CSPI Food Day. We were all pleased to offer a dish and a virtual entry into our homes and kitchens. This time, we are thrilled to do it again with a few more friends.

We kick off the party early on Friday May 18, so be sure to check in and join us. Here is the outline of our Real Dinner Menu.

Join the conversation!  Post your own real food recipe on your own blog, on Facebook, or you can even upload it to Jamie Oliver's site. We are using #foodrevdinner on Twitter.

Take action! Choose Saturday May 19th to be a real food day in your house. Cook a family meal, host a real food potluck, or get involved in any of the activities in your area. Check out Food Revolution for more details or follow them on Facebook or Twitter @FoodRev #foodrevolution.

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