Monday, July 19, 2010

Latest links and news on family dinner

I've been posting a lot of interesting news, research and tips about family dinner on my Facebook fan page (Eat and Twitter (eatdinner). Here's a few recent links. Happy reading!

New Kids Mag: Chop Chop: Getting Kids in Kitchen always a good idea!

Miriam Weinstein's book "The Surprising Power of Family Meals" is a favorite; now a blog and family meal website

Family dinner pep talk. Great, non-judgmental advice for starting family dinners

Journal of Pediatrics study: Structured family meals help kids eat veggies and have good body weight

10 pitfalls to avoid for picky eaters, no.8 is the best. bring that baby to the table!

University of Minnesota Study on Parenting Styles and Family Dinner: Authoritative Style (set rules and routine, but also empathetic and listening) did best with family dinner. Picked up by Babble Editors and many others. Official press release here.

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