Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Just Cook: Easy Fruit Crumble with Kids

To encourage readers who may be reluctant home cooks, I've decided to periodically post cooking videos that will show easy recipes you can create with or without your kids.  This video from Kids and Cooking channel on YouTube and

I like how she does the set-up before the kids get involved in the cooking. Helps keep it organized and fun for even the youngest children. True, it's more like a class or special activity than everyday cooking. But this recipe is so simple, it's a great way to get started cooking with your kids, especially if you've been reluctant to try it! Also it's very flexible recipe, so you can use seasonal fruits or whatever is on hand.

Ingredients: (amounts can vary based on size of dishes)
Fruit (Apples and Strawberries, or any other)
Small Tins or Baking Dishes

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  1. love the idea of posting videos! does make it seem fun. i often make something like this for breakfast with seasonal fruit and have shown my kids and my dad how to do it too just because they love it and wanted to know ... talk about "family cooking"


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