Thursday, April 3, 2008

Tips and Inspiration for Home Cooking

Catching up on my food blog reading this week, I found some great posts on home cooking from the New York Times blogs. In her Well Blog, Tara Parker-Pope interviews Mark Bittman and he has great tips on how to start "home cooking" for the intimidated or time-pressed. Kate Stone Lombardi has a lovely article about enjoying cooking for herself and her husband, a family of two, now that her kids are grown and in college. (They come back for favorite home-cooked meals, naturally!) Plus, I found some cookbook suggestions, Family Style Food Blog, and tips from Chowhound.

Lessons in Home Cooking, Bittman Interview in NYT Well Blog, 3.28.08

Joy of (Still) Cooking, Kate Stone Lombardi, NYT, 3.30.08

Readers' ideas for Best Cookbooks (about 250 comments!) NYT Well Blog, 3.20.08

Family Style Food A blog with interesting stories and recipes, lovely pictures, and a "family style" focus, that is beautiful food that you might be able to put together for your family dinner.

Home Cooking Section of Chowhound. Lots of Articles and Ideas for Home-Cooking Foodies

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