Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Just Cook (Holiday Edition): Sugar Cookie Stress, Is It Worth it?

Tis the Christmas cookie season and I find myself again faced with the sugar cookie dilemma: to make them or not? I have really no luck with sugar cookies. Even though I fancy myself a pretty good cook and a decent baker, I have never done well with sugar cookies. Either I can't get the shapes right, or they get too dark, or the cookies themselves taste so bland. The only decoration I can usually muster is colored sugar, which is pretty boring. They hardly seem worth the effort. Honestly, there are so many lovely, easy cookies to make, "Why, oh why, must we make sugar cookies?" Of course, this cookie dilemma is because my kids WANT sugar cookies. It's like they've been waiting all year to use those cute cookie-cutters and to try yet again to decorate them with  pretty icing or a multitude of fancy toppings. Like it or not, decorated sugar cookies are the classic Christmas cookie.

Baking cookies together is a great family tradition, so I want to make the effort to bake with my kids and to make something fun for them. So I searched the web for some inspiration and found two great Howcast Videos on making and decorating sugar cookies.

Tonight's the last chance for sugar cookies in  my  house if they are to be part of the "Teacher Thank You Gifts" or on Santa's tray. I made some wicked Chocolate Chip Cookies last night (so easy!), so at least there are some baked goods in the pantry for the holiday.  (The NYC Blogger Cookie Swap cookies, including the extras I made of the pecan puffs, are long gone!)

Will my girls forgive me if we skip the sugar cookies this year? Are sugar cookies worth the stress? Any tips out there?

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